The objective of the contractual audit is to give you an opinion on the financial statements of a company, on the operations of an external growth or even on the organization of a company.

These contractual missions of diagnosis and appreciation of your processes and your information, which we carry out in all independence, will not only enable you to satisfy the requirements fixed by the various regulations, but also to optimize your financial function to ensure the good process of your operations.

Our missions cover, mainly, the following fields :

Audit of the financial statements

  • Audit of corporate and consolidated financial statements.
  • Tax and social  audit.
  • Amicable expertise.

Due diligence

  • Preliminary due diligence.
  • Due diligence procedure.
  • Proposal of a purchase price by taking into account several criteria.
  • Preparation of guarantees of use.
  • Legal finalization of the transaction.

Audit of public markets

  • Appreciation of the internal control system related to market management;
  • Respect of conditions and forms of public markets as well as certain  measures related to their control and management;
  • Evaluation of the realized various steps for finished markets.

Audit Processes

  • Examination of the appropriate procedures dealing with the accounting and financial functions (make a diagnosis, propose solutions to master the risks, control the respect of procedures).
  • Diagnosis of the administrative flows of the company.
  • Audit of internal and external information systems.
  • Audit of the internal control / Sox Compliance.